Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 6: Heraklion Journey Continues

 Every morning we walk by this beautiful bush that's right outside our apartment door. I've never seen anything like it and would love to know the name of it. The walkway to and from our apartment is like walking through a garden in paradise. Everything is so vibrant and beautiful. 

With our Greek wine purchase in hand we headed back to Kokkini Hani to reciprocate their generosity and kindness. This time Michael dared to drive through the narrow dirt roads so that he could legally park in the apartment driveway. Katherine was excited to see us again. We handed her the bottle of red wine and she smiled and greeted us with the customary kiss on each cheek. We let her know that we couldn't stay since we were on our way to the Knossos Site. We hugged her again and said goodbye and thanked her for her kindness that she had shown. 


 We started walking towards the garden to let Yorgo know that we were there and to say our goodbyes to him as well. We were talking to him and getting pictures, and here come Katherine running down the dirt road to give us a special bottle of Raki that they had made. She asked Yorgo if it was okay. He let her know that it was fine.

 This is the fruit of the cactus that they shared with us on our first visit. This is their actual cactus plant that is growing in their garden.

 The sun shining through their grapevine. 

 This is Michael sitting in the Knossos Horns in 1984. It's roped off now so that no one can climb on it or touch it.

That's us silhouetted in the doorway to the Knossos Palace summer of 1984. It too is now roped off and access is denied.

Another view of the palace from 1984. It too is now roped off from the public.

 That's Michael now in front of the bull horns, notice the ropes cordoning off access.

That's me wondering why we can't touch anything. I'm sure they are preserving the island treasure. But I have to say Knossos was way more fun back in the day when you could climb and walk through the entire palace and archaeological site. We breezed through Knossos...

...and then headed for Matala. This is the beach that has the hippie caves. 

Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchel and other cool singers from the 60's and 70's hung out in the caves.

This is what it looks like going into the caves.

This is what it looks like looking through the cave.


This is what I fell in love with back in September 1983.

This is my guy today.


Before leaving Matala Beach we ate lunch at the Dolphin Taverna.

After a full afternoon of swimming and  the wind in my hair we are heading back to the apartments to rest. Then we were off to the cove where we had went rock climbing the day before. With our swimsuits on this time we headed out to swim and snorkel.

 That's me working my way to the deeper water. 

One of the highlights of my summer is that I learned to swim. I'm no longer afraid of swimming in the somewhat deep water.


Here I am searching for shells and looking at all the colorful fish.

I'm suddenly aware that I am being photographed.

The day was productive, I found a little something at the bottom of the sea. Lygaria Beach is one of our favorite places on the island. Michael did some snorkeling as well and gathered a few small shells. I never take pictures around water for fear of dropping the camera.

We got back on dry land and got cleaned up and headed to the boardwalk on the other side of Lygaria Beach and took a photo of Michael being happy.

Taking in the view from the dining area of the Erivolo Apartments before our big fancy dinner.

The view from a different angle. We took in the view knowing that in a few days we would be back in the states with only photos and memories of Crete.

Michael and I got dressed up and headed to El Greco in St. Pelagio.
No matter which way we looked, this was a fine restaurant.

Just a glimpse at the beautiful tables and Michael looking over the menu. We ordered Swordfish, Steak, salad, fried cheese and a very fine wine selected by our waiter.

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